Grassroots Alexandria in the Press

Letter: In defense of ARISE (Shira Eller and Jonathan Krall, Alexandria Times, 11/03/22)

Press Release: Campaign for Universal Health Care Boosted by Alexandria Democrats’ Endorsement (ALXnow, 10/31/22)

Article: Alexandria’s Duke Street: An opportunity for BRT, and a walk- and bike-friendly corridor (Jim Durham, Greater Greater Washington, 09/22/22)

Letter: Benefiting those less fortunate (Kevin Brady, Alexandria Times, 07/14/22)

Article: For Alexandria’s new poet laureate, activism and art rhyme (Kayla Hewitt, WAMU, 05/05/22)

Article: City names Zeina Azzam new poet laureate (Olivia Anderson, Alexandria Times, 04/14/22)

Article: Palestinian American writer Zeina Azzam chosen as Alexandria’s next poet laureate (James Cullum, ALXnow, 04/06/22)

Letter: Private scheming was anti-police (Frank Putzu and Bill Rossello, Alexandria Times, 02/10/22)

Letter: Pro-student, not anti-police (Jonathan Krall, Alexandria Times, 01/20/22)

Letter: Public debate, private scheming (Frank Putzu and Bill Rossello, Alexandria Times, 12/09/21)

Article: Community divided on council’s reallocation of SRO funding (Olivia Anderson, Alexandria Times, 07/08/21)

Article: Alexandria City Council candidates focus on health care, police and race relations in Arlandria forum (James Cullum, ALXnow, 05/14/21)

Article: Tenants and Workers United holds bilingual candidate forum (Olivia Anderson, Alexandria Times, 05/13/21)

Letter: We support the Heritage proposal (Alexandria Times, 02/18/21)

Letter: The case for more density (Jonathan Krall, Alexandria Times, 02/11/21)

Video: “Smash The Fash NoVa” protests Alexandria, VA Holiday Inn ahead of “Wild” Trump Rally (News2Share, 01/04/21)

Article: Anti-Fascist Protest at Holiday Inn Canceled Due to Security Concerns (James Cullum, ALXnow, 01/04/21)

Article: Alexandria Protest Canceled Amid ‘Credible Threats From Fascists’ (Emily Leayman, Old Town Alexandria Patch, 01/04/21)

Article: Anti-Fascist Protest Planned at Holiday Inn This Afternoon (Vernon Miles, ALXnow, 01/04/21)

Letter: Act to end systemic racism (Jonathan Krall, Alexandria Times, 12/10/20)

Letter: Return only when safe (Abdel-Rahman El-Noubi , Alexandria Times, 12/03/20)

Article: School board keeps police in schools (Lindsey Sullivan, Alexandria Times, 11/09/20)

Letter: Broad support for ending SRO program (Jonathan Krall, Alexandria Times, 11/05/20)

Letter: Police in ACPS Harms Students, Especially Black and Brown Students and Students with Disabilities (Shira Eller, Alexandria Gazette Packet, 10/17/20)

Article: Students, Parents Ask School Board to Not Renew Agreement Allowing Police at Alexandria City Public Schools (James Cullum, ALXnow, 10/02/20)

Article: City Councilman Wants Police Review Board to Have Investigative Authority, Subpoena Power (James Cullum, ALX Now, 08/12/20)

Article: Federal agents wearing gas masks arrest two female BLM Portland protesters… (Megan Sheets and Alan Butterfield, Daily Mail, 07/27/20)

Article: Activists Protest at Alexandria Home of Acting DHS Chief Chad Wolf (James Cullum, ALX Now, 07/27/20)

Article: ShutDownDC rallies in Alexandria at the home of acting secretary of Homeland Security (Andrea Cambron, WTOP, 07/27/20)

Article: On a quiet Northern Virginia street, protesting DHS tactics in Portland, Ore. (Justin George, Washington Post, 07/26/20)

Article: Protest In Alexandria Calls For Homeland Security Accountability (Elizabeth Janney, Del Ray Patch, 07/26/20)

Article: Southern Towers tenants protest evictions (Cody Mello-Klein, Alexandria Times, 07/16/20)

Article: Alexandria Residents Ask Governor to Postpone Impending Evictions (James Cullum, ALX Now, 07/15/20)

Letter: Failing to Stem Impact of Covid-19 on Vulnerable (Jonathan Krall, Alexandria Gazette Packet, 07/04/20)

Article: Alexandria Renters Ask Governor to Extend Moratorium on Evictions (James Cullum, ALX Now, 07/01/20)

Letter: This racial ‘progress’ looks like business as usual (Jonathan Krall, Washington Post, 06/21/20)

Letter: Reconsider What We Expect Police To Do (Zeina Azzam, Alexandria Gazette Packet, 06/19/20)

Article: Local Advocacy Groups Call for More COVID-19 Testing in Arlandria (Vernon Miles, ALX Now, 05/12/20)

Letter: City must protect renters (Gillie Campbell, Alexandria Times, 04/29/20)

Article: Tour de Faith Alexandria Launching Sunday to Bridge Religious Divisions (James Cullum, Zebra, 10/11/19)

Letter: Step Up, Speak Out (Gillie Campbell, Alexandria Gazette Packet, 07/29/19)

Article: Former Pa. congressman and presidential candidate Joe Sestak might be a NIMBY (Ryan Deto, Pittsburgh City Paper, 06/26/2019)

Article: Seminary Road to be restructured (Arya Hodjat, Alexandria times, 06/20/2019)

Article: Rally To Reduce Gun Violence in Alexandria #WearOrange supporters to gather at Market Square (Rikki George, Gazette Packet, 05/31/19)

Article: Arlington County Officials Face Outrage After Approving $23M in Incentives for Amazon (Julia Conley, Truthout, 03/17/19)

Article: HQ2 Critics In Arlington Are Still Trying To Delay The County Board’s Vote (Matt Blitz, DCist, 03/13/19)

Article: Here’s what Amazon has to do to get $23 million from Arlington County (Patricia Sullivan, Washington Post, 03/05/19)

Article: Amazon skeptics hope to derail Arlington incentives (Jonathan Capriel, Washington Business Journal, 02/19/19)

Article: The Amazon Resistance Won in New York. What Does it Mean for Virginia? (Marisa M. Kashino, Washingtonian, 02/15/19)

Article: ‘Protect Alexandria Families’ (Alexandria Times, 01/27/19)

Opinion:  Let’s exert our power over ICE (Washington Post, Jonathan Krall, 11/2/18)

Article: School Board candidates face off at candidate forum (Alexandria Times, Denise Dunbar, 10/11/18)

Article: County by county, ICE faces a growing backlash (Washington Post, Justin Jouvenal, 10/1/18)

Article: Alexandria School Board Candidates To Attend Del Ray Forum (Del Ray Patch, Emily Leayman, 10/1/18)

Article: Activists Protest ACT Conference (Local DVM, Rebecca Burnett, 9/5/18)

Letter:  Concerns about sheriff’s continued cooperation with ICE (Alexandria Times, Zeina Azzam, Janet Murphy, 8/24/18)

Article: A Vigil To Bid Farewell in Alexandria, Richard Spencer leaves Old Town (Alexandria Gazette Packet, James Cullum, 8/20/18)

Letter: Collaborating With ICE (Alexandria Gazette Packet, Simon Sandoval-Moshenberg, 8/13/18)

Article: Counter-Protesters Flock to Downtown D.C. to Oppose White Supremacists “We’re here to defend democracy. You need to do more than exist.” (Washington City Paper, Kelyn Soong, Matt Cohen, Laura Hayes, Morgan Baskin, Tom Sherwood, Hamil R. Harris, 8/12/18)

Article: ‘Nobody wants him anyway’: Walking hate crime Richard Spencer flees his ‘one-stop shop’ in Virginia (Daily Kos, Jessica Sutherland, 8/11/2018)

Article: Richard Spencer Has Left Old Town Alexandria (Washingtonian, Andrew Beaujon and Kim Olsen, 8/10/2018)

Article: Alexandrians plan to counter Unite the Right rally (Alexandria Times, Missy Schrott, 8/9/2018)

Letter:  Vigilance Required (Alexandria Gazette Packet, Cam Cook, 7/26/18)

Opinion: ICE And Alexandria: Is It Necessary? (Del Ray Patch, Emily Leayman, 7/25/2018)

No Hate Here in Alexandria – Residents gather to protest against white supremacy and immigration policy (Alexdria Gazette, Bianca Moorman, 7/17/2018)

Alexandria Sheriff’s Office makes changes to ICE agreement (Alexandria Times, Missy Schrott, 7/11/2018)

Alexandria Sheriff Begins to Move Away from ICE (Legal Aid Justice  Center, Contessa Riggs, 7/10/2018)

Alexandria Sheriff Implements New ICE Detention Request Policy (Alexandria News, 7/10/2018)

Alexandria Sheriff Changes Policy On Working With ICE – The adjustment to how long the jail keeps inmates wanted by ICE doesn’t change its relationship with ICE (Del Ray Patch, Emily Leayman, 7/10/2018)

Alexandria sheriff changes policy on working with ICE (Local DVM, Shannon Ryan, 7/10/2018)

Kyo Gallery bring politics to Alexandria art scene (Alexandria Times, Mae Hunt, 6/14/2018)

Into Arlandria – Council candidates head to Arlandria to tackle immigration and affordable housing (Alexandria Gazette packet, Vernon Miles, 5/28/2018)

Forum reveals candidates’ true colors (Alexandria Times, Missy Schrott, 5/24/2018)

Alexandria Mayor, City Council Candidates Talk Meal Tax, Housing (Del Ray Patch, Emily Leayman, 5/23/2018)

Grassroots Alexandria, Tenants And Workers United And NAACP Alexandria Host Candidates Forum (Alexandria News, 5/23/2018)

Group Pledges Statue Protests (Alexandria Gazette Packet, James Cullum, 5/9/2018)

Letter: Sheriff’s Handling Of ICE Warrants (Alexandria Gazette Packet, Robert Ray, 4/9/2018)

Alexandria Sheriff on ICE (Alexandria Gazette Packet, Vernon Miles, 4/9/2018)

Letter: Join us in opposing white nationalism (Alexandria Times, Jonathan Krall, 3/2/2018)

Equal Rights and Justice Not Possible with Complacency: Grassroots Alexandria steps up (Alexandria Gazette Packet, Rikki George, 2/5/18)

Letter:  Sanitized Confederacy (Alexandria Gazette Packet, Richard Merritt, 12/11/17)

Seven Minutes in Heaven With Girl Friday’s Fierce Rocker Lisa Jackson (GOMAG, Corinne Werder, 11/28/17)

Letter:  Liberals need to wake up to the danger of the alt-right (Washington Post, Jonathan Krall, 11/17/17)

Letter:  What you need to know about Richard Spencer (Alexandria Times, Boyd Walker, 11/2/17)

The Virginia Press:  An Extreme Right Leader Has Enraged A Community (La Presse, Andreane Williams, 8/24/17)

Alexandrians Respond to Charlottesville (Alexandria Times, Alexa Epitropoulos, 8/17/17)

Can White Nationalist Richard Spencer Be Ousted From Alexandria?  (Old Town Alexandria Patch, Emily Leayman, 8/2/17)

This Virginia Town Can’t Get Rid of Richard Spencer, and It’s Driving Locals Crazy (Washingtonian, Kim Olsen, 8/1/17)

Gillespie, Republican Vying to be Va. governor, grilled on health care in BBQ visit (Washington Post, Fenit Nirappil, 6/27/17)

The ‘Nice-Nasty Town’ (Alexandria Gazette, Vernon Miles, 6/8/17)

Flyers with hateful messages found in Alexandria neighborhoods (Fox 5 DC, Lindsay Watts, 5/29/17)

Residents react to racist flyers posted in Del Ray neighborhood (WTOP, Dick Uliano, 5/28/17)

Protestors Gather Outside ‘Alt-Right’ Leader’s Virginia Office (NBC 4 Washington, 5/28/17)

A Bunch of Racist Posters Were Plastered Around This Neighborhood And Now Police Are Investigating (Buzzfeed, David Mack, 5/27/17)

Opinion:  Why Alexandria Needs A Police Data Transparency Ordinance (Alexandria News, Zeina Azzam, 5/23/17)

Letter: Fascism In Alexandria (Alexandria News, Glenn Klaus, 4/25/17)

Letter: White Supremacist Organizes In Alexandria (Alexandria News, Anne Gray Haynes, 4/24/17)

Letter: This missed the point on white privilege (Washington Post, Jonathan Krall, 4/7/17)

Denouncing GOP Health Bill (Alexandria Gazette Packet, Eden Brown, 3/30/17)

Opinion: We must convert anti-hate protests into votes (Alexandria Times, Paul A. Friedman, 2/20/2017)

The chocolatiers and the white nationalist, coexisting in Old Town Alexandria (Washington Post, Patricia Sullivan, 2/17/17)

Letter: Alexandria Responds to White Supremacy (Alexandria News, Jonathan Krall, 2/8/17)

Protests greet ‘alt-right’ Old Town headquarters (Alexandria Times, Chris Teale, 2/2/17)

Richard Spencer Protested at His New Virginia Headquarters (Idavox, 1/30/17)

Alexandrians March To Protest Alt-Right (Alexandria News, 1/29/17)

Alexandrians prepare for inauguration (Alexandria Times, Erich Wagner, 1/18/17)

Letter to the Editor:  Join In Woman’s March (Alexandria Gazette Packet, Sarah Stott, 1/11/17)

Alexandrians March To Put Trump And Congress On Notice (Alexandria News, Jonathan Krall, 1/10/17)