The fascists haven’t gone away; we cannot rest

a statement from Grassroots Alexandria

Democracy is fragile. To keep democracy we need to succeed at holding a free and fair election. And then do it again for the next election. And again. And again. And again. Sounds routine. So much so that some might become apathetic, which scares us. Here the thing, and we’re serious about this; for some, apathy could mean the difference between life and death.

The fascists, unlike the small-d democrats, only have to succeed once. They push their violent propaganda. They say democracy is corrupt. They say we are in an emergency. They say a strong leader is needed. Then, one day, an elected leader declares martial law and suspends the Constitution. At this point, the public either defends democracy with their lives through massive civil disobedience, or… the fascists win, we live in a dictatorship, and the executions begin.

The fascists only have to win once. Restoring democracy without massive loss of life is, as far as we know, impossible. The fascists will only attempt a coup if they think the public is apathetic. The media will only accept the situation if they think the public is apathetic. The public will only accept the situation if they think the public is apathetic. See the pattern?

This why we must always support democracy, loudly, and never, ever project apathy in the face of fascism. This is why we protested Richard Spencer and never backed down. We don’t support violence, but we do support loud, disruptive, anti-fascist protest. Indeed, we are begging for it.

Those not able to march in the streets can write to local media and political leaders. People living in DC are being asked to speak up by posting signs. Political leaders must renounce fascism and focus arrests, if any, on the fascists that acted so violently during November and December.

If fascists win, and they only need to succeed once, our democracy dies and all of our lives are in danger.

No apathy, please.

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