The Healthcare Team is concerned about possible changes to the Affordable Care Act, Medicare and Medicaid and their impact on Alexandria and the rest of the Commonwealth. On a national level we work with such organizations as Families USA (, and Indivisible ( ) to influence federal policy. On the state level, we are active with Healthcare for All Virginians (, the Commonwealth Institute for Fiscal Analysis (, and Virginia Organizing ( ).

On March 21st, the Healthcare Team organized a meeting with Indivisible Del Ray and the Alexandria Public Health Advisory Commission to thank Mayor Silberberg for signing a letter with other mayors opposing the AHCA.

The Healthcare team drafted a resolution for the Alexandria City Council in support of the ACA with improvements, Medicare and Medicaid Expansion in Virginia.  This resolution is important in that it assures Alexandria residents that the Mayor and City Council consider access to healthcare a high priority. The resolution has implications outside of Alexandria. Although Alexandria’s members of Congress and members of the General Assembly support the ACA (with improvements) and Medicaid expansion in Virginia, elected officials from other parts of the Commonwealth have voted otherwise. The Healthcare for all Virginians Coalition will distribute the Alexandria resolution, once adopted, around the Commonwealth to encourage other jurisdictions to adopt similar resolutions. Actions like this could influence additional representatives in Congress and in Richmond. The resolution was presented to Alexandria’s Public Health Advisory. Commission, and on August 17, 2017 they voted unanimously to submit the resolution to the City Council for adoption. The City Council will vote on the resolution on September 12, 2017.

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